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Queen of Hearts: Metasploit 2020 December CTF

This weekend I partook in the Metasploit 2020 December CTF. I captured three flags (8 of Hearts, Queen of Hearts, Red Joker) and this blog post will detail how I solved for the Queen of Hearts.

At http://$target:9010/ was a file available for download, QoH_Client.jar. When downloaded and run, it describes its usage:

Initial jar execution
Re-executing with the target host and port 9008, I was presented with a user interactive text program. We see that there are files available for download, and that authentication is required:

Basic program usage

I tried several passwords, but all of them failed to authenticate me. But since I have access to the client code, perhaps I can modify it to grant myself permissions. I extracted the Jar file and used CFR to decompile the class files and get Java source code:

Extract and decompile Java

Reading the source code, the AuthState object gets set following the authentication call to the server. But AuthState has a method called setLoggedInStatus; with a single line added to the source code I set LoggedIn status to 'true' after the authentication call, whether it succeeded or not.

With that change made, I recompiled the file and created a new Jar file containing my changed code.

Modify code and re-package

And with that change made, I ran the program, "failed" an authentication attempt but was able to download the flag file due to my modifications:

Auth fails but I can download anyway

and done!

Queen of Hearts

For coverage of a number of other tests from this CTF, see this blog post by Team Captain Steve Walker.


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